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What's included in the box

- Stool catcher
- Stool tube
- DNA/RNA buffer
*Prepaid return label
*User manual
*Explanation about taking a stool sample

Microbiome test kit with nutritional advice
  • Kit Language: Dutch/English

What customers say

  • "I have read your comprehensive report and advice. Many thanks for that and very informative. Presented in this way, I can certainly move forward with it. Therefore no new questions for now. I will gladly take your suggestions to heart. And good luck with your important work."

    - Dirk, age 73 -

  • ‟I am very satisfied with the service from InnerBuddies. The dietary advice was not only very specific and comprehensive, but I was pleasantly surprised that for this price, after a few months, I received updated advice based on new insights. They also respond quickly and attentively to your questions and show great consideration, thinking along with you.”

    - Ellen, age 36 -

  • "I am a big advocate, your tests fixed my belly pain :)"

    - Guido, age 51 -

  • "Super help!!! I was already well on my way, but now I know for sure what I should and should not eat, drink. I have been struggling with stomach and intestines for so long, hope I can get rid of it now."

    - Petra, age 68 -

  • "I would like to let you know how excited I am. We had been on the diet for about two months (my husband eats with us). We felt better with it, but how much better was really only noticed during the Christmas vacations when we had received a large Christmas package and didn't stick to the diet for a while. Well that did give motivation again, because what a difference in gastrointestinal symptoms but also energy in both of us!"

    - Manon, age 29 -

  • "Thank you very much for the comprehensive advice. The effort and the wait it’s worth it. Although unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, nothing spectacular comes out of it. Nothing that could bring about starting changes. Actually, I am already doing quite well and that is also nice to hear. Here and there are some small adjustments and useful tips that I can start applying daily, such as peppermint tea for digestion and Kimchi. Although I must say that in general I find Kimchi too spicy and dare not venture to make it myself. So thanks again for your comprehensive advice and I am going to share in my surroundings plenty how excited I am about it."

    - Wendy, age 50 -

Why this product may help

Did you know that your gut microbiome influences all aspects of your health? We will tell you exactly how your inner buddies (gut microbes) are impacting your immune strength, gut wall strength, and ability to lose weight.

At InnerBuddies we also test for potential colon problems as well as infection and fat alarms.. and that is not all! We tell you exactly how to alter your diet to improve these challenges.

Our analysis goes beyond just identifying the bacteria in your gut. Based on your specific results, we offer nutritional advice, ‘do’s and don’ts’. This means you can start supporting your gut immediately after receiving the results.

Why this is the best technology

With our competitive pricing, you get the best bank for your buck!

Our test is based on groundbreaking scientific research and DNA technology. InnerBuddies makes use of the qualified laboratory of Maastricht University to analyse the stool samples (16S-rDNA sequencing). InnerBuddies uses the latest, most accurate, and advanced technology and know-how available built with AI technologies to perform the analysis.

Why the science is so important

InnerBuddies is a spin-off of Maastricht University.

Science is the backbone of the company and we are constantly monitoring the latest scientific articles. This means that we update your dashboard and recommendations as we learn more about the gut microbiome through new research.

InnerBuddies consists of a team of experienced dieticians, specialists, and scientists. They combine their knowledge and skills and spend hours on the best recommendations for you.


Why should I do a gut health test?

Do you prioritize your own health? Your gut flora plays a crucial role in numerous bodily processes and is linked to at least 16 (!) diseases. Based on feedback from our customers, our gut health test has helped improve sleep quality and energy levels. This test marks the beginning of your journey towards better overall health.

Why is this not a cheap test?

We choose to do a high quality 16S-rDNA sequencing analysis, where we look at the DNA of your gut bacteria. Furthermore, we use the latest state of the art technology to read these DNA outcomes and translate it in your personalized dashboard. Our recommendations to improve your gut are created by experts in the field of nutrition and microbiology.

What does InnerBuddies analyse and provide?

InnerBuddies analyses your stool sample based on the quality and quantity of the top 35 bacteria in your intestine with DNA analysis. We use this information to provide you with personalised food recommendations tailored to your microbiome profile. Here is an example of what your results will look like: Example results

How can I take a stool sample and send it back to you?

You can take a stool sample after you have filled in your food diary. You do this by preparing all the necessary materials that are included in the test kit, which makes taking a sample simple and easy. Take the sample and put it in the enclosed tube, whereafter you send it back to us by using the free return envelope. Take note: the costs for returning the envelope are covered by InnerBuddies!

How long does processing my stool sample take?

Processing your stool sample takes 6 to 8 weeks after the laboratory has received your envelope. When your sample is analysed you will receive a notification email. Be aware: this email can also be in your spam folder. You can then view your results by clicking on ‘test results’ in the top bar and by clicking on the ‘view’ button under the dashboard.