• InnerBuddies is a spin-off of the Maastricht University. Science is the backbone of the company and we are constantly monitoring the latest scientific articles.

    InnerBuddies makes use of the qualified laboratory of Maastricht University to analyse the stool samples (16S-rDNA sequencing). The laboratory uses the latest, most advanced technology and know-how available to perform the analysis.

Take your wellbeing into your own hands

It turns out that our gut health and our well-being are closely connected. From influencing our immune system to our mood, and even weight, our 'inner buddies' play a vital role in our well-being. Incredible how trillions of tiny microbes can cooperate together to sustain our own well-being and therefore influence our physical and mental health.

Treat them well by feeding them with balanced and gut-friendly food choices and your gut will thank you with a few extra giggles!

Who is behind the team

Get to know the people who handle your health

  • Koen Venema

    Gut Flora Expert

  • Jella Theeuwen

    The Chief & Nutrition Expert

  • Roy Lenders

    The Technology Chief

  • Fenna Sonnemans

    Health Expert & Project Manager

  • Yordan Baynov

    ICT Expert

  • Crystal Kriek

    Nutrition Expert & Project Manager

  • Simon Huver

    Business Development