Why InnerBuddies?

    • Comprehensive Science-based Approach

      At InnerBuddies, we integrate the expertise of gut microbiome analysis and research, nutrition science, and advanced AI technology, all backed by scientific evidence in collaboration with Maastricht University.

    • Personal Food Recommendations

      Receive personalised food recommendations tailored to your microbiome profile and daily food diary. Our easy-to-understand and actionable recommendations have proven to enhance our customers' sleep quality and boost energy levels.

    • User Friendly Testing & Reports

      Experience the simplicity of our at-home testing kit with clear, user-friendly instructions. Our intuitive dashboards are designed for easy understanding and are regularly updated with the latest research.

    Koen Venema

    Gut flora expert at Wageningen University and Research

    "Oh let’s get started. Hold on tight to your guts because we are about to take a wild ride through the gut microbiome party. Some bacteria feast on vegetables, while others on meat.

    Just like any party, sometimes bacteria get excited too and may cause trouble. These bacteria are serious business when it comes to your wellbeing."

    Meet the universe inside you and join their party.

    Why focus on your gut?

    At InnerBuddies, we understand that your well-being is central to your busy life and know how challenging it can be to determine what to focus on. But what if there is one thing that is connected to everything?

    Discover the world of your gut flora, a community of microbes essential to your health, vitality and energy. They influence your hormones, immunity and nutrient absorption, especially in the colon where they do their magic. Did you know that we have more microbes in our gut than we have cells ourselves: 100 x 1 million x 1 million!

    How can InnerBuddies help?

    At InnerBuddies, we help you optimise your gut health. The key? Nutrition! What you eat and drink on a daily basis directly affects the composition of your gut flora. Receive tailor-made nutritional advice and make simple adjustments to your current eating habits, without complicated diets. This is how we help you feel your best!

    Energy is the fuel of life, originating from a healthy gut flora. We support you on your journey to a better lifestyle, striving not only for more energy for daily activities but also for a positive mindset, improved quality of life and optimal performance. We believe that this starts from within - with a healthy gut flora.

    Small changes go a long way!

    For us, being fit goes beyond physical activity. It means actively participating in your life, with the energy and strength to make the most of every moment. A healthy gut flora contributes to the feeling of inner strength, allowing you to be more confident in life.

    We understand that your life can be hectic and big changes are daunting. But trust us, small adjustments can yield huge results. A healthy gut flora not only gives you an energy boost but is also the key to a longer and better life. So let's work together for your well-being and reach your full potential!

    Get to know your buddies in 4 easy steps!

    • 1. Purchase a kit & create an account

    • 2. Fill in 3 day food diary & survey

    • 3. Take a stool sample

    • 4. View your results

    Do you want to learn more?

    Read our blogs to learn more about what the gut microbiome is, why it matters, and how you can take care of it.

    What customers say

    • "I have read your comprehensive report and advice. Thank you so much; it is very informative. Presented in this way, I can certainly use it to start changing my diet. Therefore, no new questions for now. I will gladly take your recommendations to heart. And good luck with your important work."

      - Dirk, age 73 -

    • ‟I am very satisfied with the service provided by InnerBuddies. The dietary advice was not only very specific and comprehensive, but I was pleasantly surprised that for this price, after a few months, I received updated advice based on new insights. They also respond quickly and attentively to your questions and show great consideration, thinking along with you.”

      - Ellen, age 36 -

    • "I am a big advocate! Your tests fixed my belly pain :)"

      - Guido, age 51 -

    • "Super helpful!!! I was already trying to eat healthy, but now I know for sure what I should and should not eat and drink. I have been struggling with my stomach and intestines for so long, and I hope I can get rid of the pain now."

      - Petra, age 68 -

    • "I would like to let you know how excited I am. My husband and I have changed our diet according to your nutrition recommendations for the past two months now. We felt better with it, but the extent of our improvement was truly only noticed during Christmas vacations when we received a large Christmas package and didn't stick to our "diet" for a while. Well, that really gave us motivation to start again, as the difference in gastrointestinal symptoms and energy levels for both of us was remarkable!"

      - Manon, age 29 -

    • "Thank you very much for the comprehensive advice. The effort and the wait is worth it. Although unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, nothing spectacular comes out of it. Nothing that could bring about starting big changes at least. Actually, I am already doing quite well and that is also nice to hear. Here and there are some small adjustments and useful tips that I can start applying daily, such as peppermint tea for digestion and Kimchi. Although, I must say that in general I find Kimchi too spicy and dare not venture to make it myself. Thank you once again for your comprehensive advice. I'm eager to share with those around me just how excited I am about it!"

      - Wendy, age 50 -