How healthy is your gut?

Do the InnerBuddies quiz to discover the power of your gut flora! How good do you think your inner buddies are doing.... Let's see!

Get started in 4 easy steps!

  • 1. Purchase a kit & create an account

  • 2. Fill in 3 day food diary & survey

  • 3. Take a stool sample

  • 4. View your results

1. Purchase a kit & create an account

Order your gut microbiome test kit and take control of your own (gut) health.

In the InnerBuddies kit you will find everything you need to send us a scoop of poop! You will find:

  1. Your personal kit ID code
  2. A step-by-step guide
  3. All the materials you need to easily scoop, store, and send your stool sample
  4. FREE shipping (to you, and back to us)

2. Fill in 3 day food diary & survey

Fill in your food diary for 3 consecutive days before collecting your stool sample. Afterwards, but not later than 2 weeks, complete your survey. This will provide us with additional insights to complete your results and recommendations.

3. Take a stool sample and send it back

Once you collect your stool sample you can send it to our lab by following the instructions in the step-by-step guide present in your test kit. This is free of charge.

4. View your results and get started!

Your stool sample is analysed with the latest lab technology, namely 16S-rDNA sequencing. This may take 6 to 8 weeks from the moment the lab receives your sample back.

In this timeframe, our scientists examine the bacteria that live in your gut and explore their relationship with your (gut) health status.

Additional nutrition recommendations will follow based on the output generated from your stool sample.

Are you ready to start your gut health journey?

Meet the bacteria that live in your gut, collectively known as gut microbiota or inner buddies as we call them.

Knowledge is power. When you know what lives in your gut, you know how to care for them, and in return they care for you and your health!

What products do we have?

  • InnerBuddies Single Test kit

    Gut microbiome test with nutritional advice. Measure, know, and take immediate action to support your health!

  • InnerBuddies S.H.I.T. Study Test kit

    Join our unique study where environmental data and gut health will be combined. Get two tests, follow a 3 week nutrition plan, and watch your gut health flourish!