Frequently asked questions


How can I purchase a kit?

You can purchase a test kit by clicking here.

How can I connect my unique code to my account?

You can link your kit ID code (IB-A-xxxx) to your account by clicking on 'My Account' and 'My kits' in the top right corner. Scroll to the end of the page and click on 'Add new user' after which you fill in all fields and click on 'Submit'. Finally, enter your kit ID code in the 'Your unique code' box and click on 'Add kit'.

How can I fill in my food diary?

You can fill in your food diary by clicking on ‘test results’ in the top bar and by clicking on the purple ‘fill in’ button under food diary, whereafter you enter food items by filling in the right product, time, quantity, unit, and day and by clicking on the green ‘add item’ button. You can make adjustments to your food diary by clicking on the purple ‘view food diary’ button and the ‘edit’ button, or you can hand in your food diary by clicking on the green ‘submit food diary’ button.

I cannot find a food item in the food diary?

That could be the case, but no worries! If you cannot find a food item in the food diary, even though you have eaten or drunk it, then it is best to search for an alternative that is similar to the original. However, If you feel that these are a lot of products and that the alternatives do not give a good representation of your normal eating pattern, then you can mail us for the above mentioned word-format so that we can fill it in for you. In addition, we would really appreciate it if you would inform us on the missing food items by clicking on ‘here’ in the text field below and by clicking on the purple ‘submit’ button. We utilize a food database, though it may not always be comprehensive in terms of available food items.

How can I take a stool sample and send it back to you?

You can take a stool sample after you have filled in your food diary. You do this by preparing all the necessary materials that are included in the test kit, which makes taking a sample simple and easy. Take the sample and put it in the enclosed tube, whereafter you send it back to us by using the free return envelope. Take note: the costs for returning the envelope are covered by InnerBuddies!

How can I fill in my survey?

You can fill in your survey by clicking on ‘test results’ in the top bar and by clicking on the purple ‘fill in’ button under survey, whereafter you answer all the questions and hand them in by clicking on the green ‘submit survey’ button.

How can I view my results and start acting upon them?

You can view your results and start acting upon them by clicking on ‘test results’ in the top bar and by clicking on the ‘view’ button under dashboard.

How long can I wait before using my test kit?

You can keep your unused test kit for 1 year, as long as you keep the envelope (with the tube that is filled with the buffer) in a closed and cool environment (room temperature).


Why is this not a cheap test?

We choose to do a high quality 16S-rDNA sequencing analysis, where we look at the DNA of your gut bacteria. Furthermore, we use the latest state of the art technology to read these DNA outcomes and translate it in your personalized dashboard. Our recommendations to improve your gut are created by experts in the field of nutrition and microbiology.

Does health insurance cover the costs of this analysis?

Health insurance does not cover the costs of this analysis yet. However, we hope that this will change in the near future!

How is my stool sample analyzed?

Your stool sample is analysed with the latest technology, namely 16S-rDNA sequencing. The microbiome analysis may take 4-6 weeks. In this timeframe, our scientists examine the bacteria that live in your gut and explore their relationship with your health. Personalized food recommendations will follow based on the output generated from your stool sample, your food diary, and your survey.

How does InnerBuddies handle my data?

InnerBuddies handles your data very carefully, as we know it is private and does not belong to anyone else. Therefore, we follow the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) rules. You can look them up in the Privacy Policy.

Does it matter if I take a stool sample when I am experiencing complaints or if I have a chronic disease?

It does not matter if you take a stool sample when you are experiencing complaints or if you have a chronic disease. However, it is good to keep in mind that our dietary recommendations are based on ‘healthy’ people and that it is not yet possible to do this for persons who are experiencing complaints or are having a chronic disease. For further research purposes, it is crucial that you provide a clear description of your current condition in the accompanying survey.

Does it matter if I take a stool sample when I am taking medication or supplements?

You can provide a stool sample while on medication or supplements, as long as you clearly mention them in the accompanying survey. However, if you're on antibiotics, wait around 3 weeks after finishing your prescription. Keep in mind that antibiotics could impact your gut microbiome for many months/years.


Why should I do a gut health test?

Do you prioritize your own health? Your gut flora plays a crucial role in numerous bodily processes and is linked to at least 16 (!) diseases. Based on feedback from our customers, our gut health test has helped improve sleep quality and energy levels. This test marks the beginning of your journey towards better overall health.

What does InnerBuddies analyse and provide?

InnerBuddies analyses your stool sample based on the quality and quantity of the top 35 bacteria in your intestine with DNA analysis. We use this information to provide you with personalised food recommendations tailored to your microbiome profile. Here is an example of what your results will look like: Example results

How long does processing a stool sample take?

Processing a stool sample does take 6 to 8 weeks after the laboratory has received the envelope. When your sample is analysed you will receive a notification email. Be aware: this email can also be in your spam folder. You can then view your results by clicking on ‘test results’ in the top bar and by clicking on the ‘view’ button under the dashboard.

Can I get a paper version of my results?

Yes! When you log into your online dashboard you will see a button at the top called "Results PDF". By clicking on this button you will get a PDF version of your results that you can print and/or share.