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What's included in the box

  • Postcard
  • Return envelope with:
    - Faeces catcher
    - Safety bag
    - Tube with spoon
    - Buffer (liquid)
Gut Health Membership

Why join the membership?

  • Exceptional Value

    Get access to our exclusive membership tailored to your wishes and needs at a fraction of the costs and with many added benefits.

  • Unparalleled Convenience

    With flexible subscription plans, you’ll never miss any updates. Choose between the Gut Health Plus (2 tests/year) or the Gut Health Premium (3 tests/year) package to stay informed and be proactive.

  • Comprehensive Tracking

    Track the improvements in your gut microbiome over a certain period of time. Our detailed reports provide a clear picture of your journey, helping you understand and optimise your gut health.

A word from our microbiome expert

Track Your Progress: Start with the first test, follow personalised nutrition advice, and see how your gut microbiome changes with the second test. 

Monitor Long-Term Changes: Regular testing helps ensure staying on track and maintaining the benefits of an improved gut health.

Science-Backed Results: Dietary changes can significantly alter your gut microbiome, as supported by evidence-based research.

Gut Health Premium Gut Health Plus Normal kit
Tests per year 3 2 N/A
Optimal health results ⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐ N/A
Detailed microbiome insight

Nutritional advice based on your gut bacteria

Nutritional advice based on your food diary

Detailed comparison report

Priority customer support N/A
Price per test via installment(s) €155 €160 €185
Price per test via prepayment(s) €145 €150 N/A

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